Google’s Gemini AI models are constantly advancing, so it comes as no surprise that a new report claims Google will have a “version 2” of Gemini Nano available by the time the Galaxy S25 launches next year.

Gemini is split into three models.

There’s Gemini Ultra, which powers the cloud-based and paid Gemini Advanced experience. Then, there’s Gemini Pro, which powers the Gemini chatbot and many other cloud services. And, finally, there’s Gemini Nano, which is designed to be run on-device for tasks such as summaries and more. Gemini Nano is installed on Google’s Pixel 8 Pro (and soon coming to Pixel 8 too) as well as Samsung’s new Galaxy S24 lineup.

In a report out of Korea from Daum Herald Economy (h/t Android Authority), it’s claimed that Google will debut a “version 2” of Gemini Nano sometime before the debut of Samsung’s next-gen flagship phone, the Galaxy S25, which would be expected in January 2025 or so.

As mentioned, this comes as little surprise. It’d be rather odd for Google not to make any considerable updates to its on-device AI model over the next year, though the report makes no mentions on what Google plans to bring to this “version 2” beyond just making it more capable.

The same report goes on to mention that Samsung is aiming to “double” staff working on Exynos AI.