According to user reports, One UI 6.1 appears to be slowing down the charging rate on some Samsung Galaxy devices, as well as leaving devices running a bit warm.

The big One UI 6.1 update on top of Android 14 rolled out last week to select 2023 Galaxy devices including Galaxy S23, Fold 5, Flip 5, and more. The update brings AI features and other changes, but it also seems to have some negative side effects.

Some Galaxy users have noticed that, since installing the update, their phones are running hotter and also charging more slowly.

Reports of slower charging were first noticed on Samsung’s community forums, where users report up to 40% slower charging on Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy S23, and other devices updated to One UI 6.1. Charging was noted as dropping to as low as around 15W, well below the usual charging rate of these devices.